Anniston Personal Injury Attorneys

At the law firm of Adams Miller, LLP, you are a client, not just a case. This means that we help our clients battle big corporations, insurance companies and the government. We make certain our clients are treated fairly.

Our lawyers have more than 25 years of combined experience representing the people of east Alabama. While we focus our practice on representing those who have been injured, we also represent those who were arrested or who are facing a family crisis. Additionally, we have an established creditors' rights practice for financial institutions and small businesses, helping them with bankruptcy, foreclosures and collections.

At Adams Miller, LLP, our Anniston-based practice continues to grow one client at a time because we invest in relationships with those we serve. Contact our law firm to discuss how we can help you.

Dedicated Anniston Attorneys Helping You With Your Workers' Compensation, Car Accident or Other Personal Injury Needs

Our firm handles a wide range of cases in personal injury, estate planning, criminal defense and family law.

  • If you were seriously injured, we can help you recover financially by seeking compensation through a personal injury, workers' compensation and/or Social Security Disability claim.
  • We will help you plan for the future by preparing comprehensive estate plans.
  • Our lawyers will work hard to protect your rights in a drunk driving or criminal case.
  • We also assist people who are going through a divorce or are in need of an attorney to resolve a child custody dispute.

Keeping You Informed Throughout the Process of Your Legal Matter

We deal with the law every day. Most of our clients do not. Lawsuits, court dates and papers filled with legalese can be intimidating even to the most intelligent person. We believe that informed clients make better decisions. Whether you suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident or you have been arrested for DUI, you should know as much about the case as possible. In order to serve you well, we listen to what you have to say and then we outline your options in detail.

Once we decide how to proceed, we do so aggressively. We tell your story the way you would if you were the lawyer. Our attorneys work hard to protect your rights and interests. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the results you desire.

Solutions You Can Live With

While we are more informed on the law, it is you, the client, who must live with the consequences of these legal decisions. We will work directly with you to craft a solution to your legal problem. We find that clients who participate in making decisions are much more satisfied with the outcome of their case.

We provide you with free information before you become a client. You have no obligation to hire us, but you can become more informed about the laws that may affect you.

Call Adams Miller, LLP at (256) 297-2469. Whether your case involves an injury accident, a divorce or criminal law, you are a human being. We will treat you with respect.

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