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Welcome to my new Blog. We are going to explore the world of Turner Field in Atlanta, GA where the Atlanta Braves play their baseball games up until the 2019 season. The field was built and funded primarily by billionaire businessman Ted Turner for his beloved Atlanta Braves baseball club. After a great start to the nineteen ninety’s with several national league championship pennants and a world series win in nineteen ninety five, the Atlanta Braves were getting a new cutting edge stadium. The fans had wanted a new stadium for years leading up to ‘The Ted” being built and they got their wish with a new stadium in 1998. By the way you can call Towing Lawrenceville, Ga for any towing needs in the gwinnett county area, even during a Braves game!

Turner Field is still an excellent baseball stadium and we have had lots of great memories there. I am not real sure of the politics that have taken place over the last few years that have led to a new stadium being built for the braves outside of Atlanta in Cobb county. But, a new stadium is underway and will be ready for the Braves during the 2019 season. Lots of locals ask the same question, because Turner Field is in good condition, not outdated and has great amenities for the fans before, during and after the baseball games.

Some have speculated that the area that Turner Field is located in has a lot to do with the upcoming move to Cobb County. The stadium is in a lower income area of downtown Atlanta and not the safest location once you get outside the stadium and surrounding parking lots. It is however, right off of Interstate 20 in Atlanta and parking is a turn away off the exit to get your car parked and ready for the game. Given that situation I can see why they would want to move the stadium to a different part of town to the northern suburb of Smyrna, Georgia which is just outside the perimeter of 285. The area is more up and coming, there is a younger populus there, and people would generally feel safer going to and from the game at night time.

Turner field remains as an icon in Atlanta though, with its huge jumbo tron big screen tv in dead center field, which was the largest of its kind when built. I remember my first game there while I was in college and seeing it for the first time. I was thinking to myself, how did they get that tv up to the top of center field like that? Very carefully with lots of heavy equipment, cranes and skilled guys to get the job done. It still remains as a great attraction to the stadium, and no matter where your seat is, you can always see the batters, inning, pitch count, and stats there on the screen for added convenience. Here is a video that I found on Youtube of the Atlanta Braves first baseball game in the stadium with a pre-season game with the Yankees.

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