Demolishing the Ted

So we got the news here in Atlanta a few years ago that the Atlanta Braves franchise is going to be replacing the stadium of what is called Turner Field. They will be moving the stadium to Cobb County Georgia which is just outside of Atlanta and right on the perimeter of the city. It will be located just Northwest of the city and will be home to the new Atlanta Braves stadium which will have mixed use, restaurants, shopping and bars in the same general area. This has left a lot of Braves fans sad for the upcoming demise and demolition of the stadium.

The Pros and Cons of a new stadium.

Well, on one hand it is a very positive move to get the stadium out of downtown Atlanta. It has always been a little dangerous around the area where the current Turner Field is located. My friend who is a plumber Smyrna GA, knows a guy that got mugged outside the stadium just a few years ago. Although centrally located in downtown Atlanta, it is somewhat dangerous around the area at nightime and a little low class for the patrons who visit the stadium on a regular basis. So, the move to the Cobb County area for the new ballpark which will be called Suntrust stadium will definitely solve that problem. Smyrna Georgia is right at the Vinings area which is a higher class location and closer to all of the patrons that would be coming and traveling from the Northwest area of metro Atlanta. Plus, with the mixed use development coming with the new stadium, there is sure to be something for everyone during the Braves games!

On the other hand, there have been a great deal of memories and great Atlanta Braves teams at the Ted. Although we didn’t win a world series at Turner Field, Bobby Cox’s Braves had a phenomenal run at 14 straight division titles while at the current stadium. I for one, have loved going to Turner Field since its inception and I remember vividly going to my first game at the stadium the year it was built in 1997. I remember walking in from where you get your tickets scanned and seeing the jumbo tron TV right there in Center Field thinking, wow that is huge! We would walk in, grab a beer there in the center field area and look out over the outfield at the game and have a great time watching our home town team the Atlanta Braves.

Who could forget the Chophouse out in center field area where you can get a cold brew, and watch the game from that outfield bar and seating area. We have had lots of great memories from that area and will certainly miss the stadium once it is gone for good.

It really is strange that they are replacing the stadium that is less than twenty years old! Seems as though to me that it was built just a few years ago and it is going to be torn down and replaced in the next season or two. Suntrust stadium will be a nice new stadium, but we will surely miss “The Ted”.